These 12 Breathable Leggings Will Make Your Summer That Much Cooler


Summer is sweaty enough as it is, so when we’re working out, moisture-wicking, breathable gear is a nonnegotiable part of our fitness routine. Whether we’re working out outside or training at home, we need all the help we can get keeping sweat at bay, so come summertime, our leggings have to be lightweight and breathable. If they can’t keep us cool, they have to go to the back of our drawer, and can return to our rotation once temperatures dip.

These 12 breathable leggings are the ones we’d pick for a summer sweat session. From mesh panels to light, buttery fabric and even little cutouts, there are plenty of ways to keep cool this summer. Luckily for us, they all involve cute leggings. With these 12 picks, you don’t have to give up your fitness habit during the sweatiest season of all, and that’s something worth cheering about.

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