Shawn Johnson Made a Badass Return to Gymnastics 3 Months After Giving Birth


Getting back to the gym postpartum is no easy task for new moms, but Shawn Johnson recently decided to take it one step further, trying gymnastics three months after giving birth to her daughter, Drew. Shawn and her husband, Andrew East, revisited her Olympic sport and captured the whole experience on camera for their YouTube channel.

Although she kept exercising throughout her pregnancy, Shawn admitted its been at least nine months since she tried anything gymnastics related. She eased into the workout by starting off with a few flips on the trampoline before trying out a half pike and handstands on the floor. The bar proved to be a little more difficult, and understandably so, since the bar requires core control and Shawn underwent a C-section while giving birth. Regardless, she broke the badass scale with her drive and determination to push herself — and her baby girl got to see the whole thing! Watch the motivating video above.

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