Take Your Workouts to the Next Level With This New Nike HIIT-Approved Shoe


Whether you’re just getting into fitness or you’re a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, one of the best pieces of advice we have to offer is to invest in training shoes that are comfortable, functional, and, of course, cute.

HIIT is one of the most popular workouts right now — probably because it’s quick, intense, and works your entire body — and it’s only right that you have a shoe dedicated to making your workout feel easier. If you’ve ever worn running sneakers to a HIIT class, you’ve probably experienced your feet rolling too far to the side, not having enough traction/grip to do agility moves, and slipping on the sweat-drenched ground while you’re trying to do exercises like mountain climbers.

Nike obviously understands your frustrations and created the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep ($120) to help you out. The shoe has an Air Zoom cushion that “absorbs your energy,” giving you that extra oomph you need to perform exercises like box jumps and plyometrics. The arc was designed to act as a break pad, especially when performing lateral movements like the side shuffle, allowing you to stop instantly and change direction without hurting yourself or losing your momentum. And the Air Zoom SuperRep also has a “Burpee Break,” enabling the foot to bend naturally, so that you can perform exercises like mountain climbers and planks without slipping.

We haven’t done box jumps, sprints, sled pushes, or agility moves in this shoe yet, but we’re loving the futuristic look, and we can’t wait to test them out.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep

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